Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WI Stands in Solidarity

Of all the opportunities I have had through my experience at UW-Madison, witnessing 13,000 outraged activists protest at the capital is one I will remember forever.
Governor Walker has proposed his Budget Repair Bill to address the large budget deficit incurred in previous years. I agree that changes are necessary, but the approach being taken is unfair to WI's middle class.
Vital services such as education, protection, and healthcare are all under attack in this proposed bill and I am proud that many people residing in WI are stepping up, many for the first time, and are asking for another option. This is not a partisan issue. This is an issue of WI public sector being asked, no, forced to take on more cuts, to make more sacrifices than their well off private sector counter parts are ever asked to take on.
I hope that everyone will take into consideration the effects this bill could have on the education of the children who are our future, the access to healthcare provided to us by Badgercare, the protection provided to us by our correctional facilities, and the future of this great state. Where will everyone go when WI becomes the backwards state?
I witnessed teachers plead for their students. I witnessed firefighters plead for their futures and their public sector colleagues. I witnessed students plead for their futures, their teachers, and their parents.
Solidarity. It moved me today. It invigorated my passion. It revived my spirit.

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  1. We were projected to have a budget surplus before Walker gave $140M away to his wealthy masters.


    The rights of all people are at stake as politicians play games to consolidate power and wealth. The preservation of this Republic and our Democratic political process demand that we work with compassion and a sense of Humanity to educate and end the self oppression of an ignorant easily controlled electorate. We will move forward and we will emerge from this detracted time. Justice will prevail.


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